SUMO Work Tainer advantages

  • Enables you to transport a large number of items easily, thus increases your operation efficiency in most businesses from road transport and warehousing to hospital or hotel loading docks.
  • Designed to provide flexibility to your individual workplace, while providing superior performance and usability.
  • SUMO Work Tainers are nestable hence reducing much precious space in your return journey in a truck, or in the warehouse when they are not in used.
  • Our base plate is made of steel which is strong and solid, reducing damage risk.
  • The finish of epoxy powder coating on SUMO Work Tainers is superb! It provides outstanding anti-rust durability and maintains strength, and appearance of our Work Tainer.
  • Our wheels are equipped with high quality bearings for easy maneuverability, quiet and smooth transportation. 

We manufacture a full range of Work Tainers from standard design to model with doors, locks, security type with top cover and adjustable shelves.

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  • Superior and heavy duty wheels provide excellent maneuverability and low noise even fully loaded at 500kg with minimal rolling resistance
  • Designed for receiving, delivering or distributing supplies etc.
  • High ends give large capacity on small floor space.
  • Foldable to save space when not in use.
  • Standard size: 800mm (D) x 1100mm (W) x 1755mm (H)
  • Capacity: 500kg
  • Epoxy powder coating provides durable and strong finishing
  • Blue as standard colour. Other colours, sizes and additional features etc., available on request
  • Optional adjustable wire shelf or solid steel shelf is available