SLX26 Platinum

SLX26 Series

Model SLX26 1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM
Load capacity Q   2600
Dead weight   Kg 80kq(PU roller) or 76kq(Nylon roller)
Standard fork length l Kg 1150
Load centre distance c mm 600
Total length L mm 1540
Steering Wheels diameter mm 200×50
Tandem rollers   mm 80×70
Turning radius Wa mm 1335
Aisle width A mm 1790
Width over forks b5 mm 540/685
Fork width e mm 160
Lowered height h13 mm 85
Lifting height h3 mm 200

  • Top class range of pallet trucks with excellent designs.
  • Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouses as well as factory plants.
  • Reliable, sturdy, torsion-resistant due to its extremely strong high quality steel profile Germany standard WAGNER painting system ensures best powder coating and paint quality.
  • All pivot points are greased ensuring excellent maneuverability with effortless steering.
  • The chromed bearing bushes and joints ensures quiet running properties and particularly a long service life.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with comfortable rubber grip allows optimized safety as well as comfort.
  • To lower load, just pull up on the finger tip control.
  • Neutral Position--place finger tip control in this position during pulling.
  • Lift Position--to raise load, push down on finger tip control, pump handle to raise the load.
  • Excellent galvanized whole casting hydraulic pump, robust and durable, with fine control of lowering speed and overload valve, low routine maintenance.
  • Perfectly fluent outline of SLX26 has many international and domestic patents.
  • Key components imported from Germany with the best reliability and quality, piston rod chrome plated with high wear resistance.
  • Over-load protection valve enhances safety of the cargos and the operator.
  • Automatic slow-lowering system ensures the safety of the cargos, especially fragile cargos.
  • Single-piece hydraulic valve cartridge has more advantages than scattered components such as easy maintenance, which is more preferable by the market.
  • Rotating joints are equipped with Engineered Plastic Slide Bearings, able to absorb eccentric loads, with better wear resistance, easy to replace and extended service life.