Tow Tractor


Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 2198 1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM
Distinguishing Mark 1.1 Model No.   TT-30
1.2 Power (battery, diesel, petrol gas, manual)   Battery
1.3 Operator Type   Pedestrian
1.4 Load Capacity/Rated Load Q (kg) 3.0
1.5 Rated Drawbar Pull F(N)  
1.6 Wheelbase y (mm) 1051.5
Weight 2.1 Service Weight kg 920
2.2 Axle Loading, Unladen Front/Rear kg 560/360
Wheel Chassis 3.1 Tyres   R+PU
3.2 Tyre Size, Front Æ x w(mm) Æ250x82
3.3 Tyre Size, Rear Æ x w(mm) Æ 180x76
3.4 Wheels, Number Front/Rear (X=Driven Wheels)   1+1x2
3.5 Tread, Rear mm 635
Tires, Chassis 4.1 Height of tiller in drive position min./max. mm 1300
4.2 Overall length mm 188/283/378/473
4.3 Overall width mm 1453
4.4 Overall width mm 770
4.5 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase mm 50
4.6 Turning radius mm 1348
Performance data 5.1 Travel Speed, Laden/Unladen km/h 9.0/12.0
5.2 Drawbar Pull, Laden/Unladen N  
5.3 Max. Drawbar Pull, Laden/Unladen N  
5.4 Service Brake   Electromagnetic
E-Motor 6.1 Drive Motor Rating S2 60min kW 2.9
6.2 Battery acc. to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B, C, no   No, 3PZS
6.3 Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/465
6.4 Battery weight kg 377
Additional Data 7.1 Type of Drive Control   DC-speed control

CANBUS technology

The CANBUS technology comes with less wiring and more reliability, it is easy to maintain, makes analysis and adjustments easier so that the downtime is less than trucks without CANBUS.
Digital signals also give parts longer life-time than analogue signals. 
1. AC drive system 
The AC drive system with high performance and low maintenance.
2. Electric steering 
The electric power steering make operations effortless.
3. Tiller 
All operating functions are easy to reach on the CAN tiller.
4. Display 
Always informed by the multifunctional display.
It assists several traveling modes and gives diagnostic information.
5. The robust metal battery cover reaches the 2nd storage level.

6. Standard battery and easy sideways exchange
The standard battery is easy to change for long or multi-shifts.

7. Storage area for packaging or stretch foil.

8. Comfortable and effortless operations.
The ergonomic grip on the backside make block stacking operations easy and safe.
The back seat ensures comfort during the whole shift.

9. Drive structure
The drive structure ensures that the truck is traveling straight in the order picking mode.
10. Sideways control while in order picking mode. The two sided control system for order picking comes standard and accelerates the order picking process.

  • High performance German AC Drive Motor and Gearbox
  • Effortless Electrical power steering (Zapi)
  • Top brand components
  • Ergonomic design